Putri & Naufal Wedding Invitation

This is my first attempt designing a wedding invitation and also one of my favourite project. The bride, Putri is my best friend. She grew up in a batik craftsmen environment while her husband, Naufal is an oceanographic engineer.

She wanted her wedding to have traditional feel, especially batik Cirebon (where her family oriented) along with rose, her favourite flower and greatest inspiration of her work of art. I tried to incorporate these two elements with the bride and groom's love story. The batik motifs took from "Batik Taman Telaga Teratai" as one of Cirebon's batik keraton and also her dad's dissertation. This batik motif has water element as a representation of the groom and flowers as a representation of the bride. The water is the ground where the flowers and leaves bloom. It also represents prosperity that shall flow throughout their marriage. 

These two elements were applied to all design elements of this wedding invitation. The display typography is exclusively designed for this couple by combining Batik Telaga Teratai style and Arabic calligraphy.
Early sketches and exploration
Custom typeface exclusively made for the bride and groom
All photos are beautifully taken by Jejak Kurcaci
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